WBL Guarantee International Training Week

On the days between November 25 and 29, the University for Applied Labour Studies HdBA hosted the WBL Guarantee International Training Week, a Joint Staff Training Event aimed at connecting job counsellors and operators of formative institutions from Spain, Italy and Cyprus, with the objective of diffusing the culture of CVET. 18 participants (6 from Spain, 6 from Italy and 6 from Cyprus) attended the one week of training at the University to learn about the WBL Guarantee project and its benefits for their daily working activities; share their personal ideas over the functioning of VET in their countries; receive information concerning the German VET system, its actors and governance structures; review the curriculum for “Job Counsellors/Practitioners” developed in the context of WBL Guarantee.

Over the course of the week, HdBA organized a wide set of presentations and debates with professors of the University and external experts. On Monday 25, Prof Peter Weber and Dr Rebeca Garcia Murias held a presentation over the Work-based Learning Schemes across Europe and Lifelong Guidance, providing a general introduction to the following 5 days activities. A comparative scheme between the French, English and German VET system was then introduced; on the same day, Prof Christian Schmidt held a presentation over the importance of innovation in Vocational Education and Training, presenting an overview of the theories in the field and some practical application to the German VET system. On Tuesday 26, Dr Barbara Burger of GAB München, a research institute focused on the innovation of Vocational Training and Education in companies, held a presentation over the methodology of Work-Integrated Learning, aimed at increasing the independence and self-direction of trainees and apprentices in WBL. On Wednesday 27, prof Ralph Conrads held a presentation on Assisted Work-based Learning, a specific form of support provided in Germany through a governmental funding to WBL users with disadvantaged background.

Over the course of the LTTA, two external visits took place: at the Vocational Training Academy of the Chamber of Handcrafts of Mannheim and at the Headquarters of the Federal Services for Vocational Counselling and Employment of Heidelberg.