The success of the piloting activities

The success of the piloting activities, attested by the interest shown at international level and by the positive responses collected from all the groups involved, crowns the three years of work of the project partnership, made up of an alliance of public organizations (Lazio Region, Cyprus Productivity Center, Andalucia Emprende), the business world (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Confartigianato Imprese Lazio, Femeval), the professional training system (ERIFO, FyG, MMC) and services (ERIFO). The German University of Applied Sciences at Work (HdBA Mannheim) and an ICT partner from Poland, Danmar, also took part in the consortium.

In addition to the skills inherent in a Multi-actor consortium, a fundamental role for the success of WBL Guarantee was ensured by the constant mobilization of a high number of stakeholders: about 45 representatives from the business world, 85 representatives from training / service organizations for work and 60 end users took part in research or product piloting activities; 39 representatives of relevant groups for the project were involved in the activities of the National WBL Alliance Team, a consultancy committee that supported the partnership in product review; 130 participants also took part in multiplier events held in three of the partner countries.