The project

WBL Guarantee is a 3 years project aiming to develop, design and validate two curriculum programmes for the professional developent of “in-company tutors” (SMEs) and “job-counselors/professionals” (public/private sector) working with WBL measures in Europe.

The project identifies the new contexts (both in terms of current European labour market conditions and in the WBL measures and programme delivered) that are impacting upon, and therefore changing, the traditional roles of employers/mentors working within SMEs and employment counsellors and professionals working in VET/employment agencies asking for an enhancement of their skills and capabilities – with corresponding challenges for how this occupational profiles are to be developed, trained for and accredited across Europe.

Thus, this project supports the development of EU strategies and tools that affect tutors and counselors’ competences through targeted activities for the development of WBL attractiveness and performances. Therefore, the specific project objectives are:

  1. An In-depth research/comparative analysis of WBL schemes with comprehensive competence frameworks/Job Profiles description capturing the skills, knowledge and aptitudes that encompass the roles (sending and hosting).
  2. Curriculum Programme development for the in-company tutors (SMEs)
  3. Curriculum programme development for the Job Counselors/Practitioners (public and private sector) working with WBL schemes
  4. In-Company Tutors PILOT BLENDED action programme and Self-Directed Learning Guide
  5. Job counsellors/professionals PILOT PRACTICAL action programme and Self-Directed Learning Guide
  6. Legacy Handbook for WBL programmes and mobility programme

The project will look at reinforcing and upskilling the in-company tutors and job-counselors’ competences following a base line study into the existence of the roles across a number of EU partners, this project will seek to indentify a set of key competencies which will then be tracked across to the EQF and NQF standards to identify if there is any scope for the development of a competency based framework. The project will also aim to develop two curriculum programmes (CVET) through a number of best practice ‘models’ , ‘tools’ and mobility programme which the successful in-company tutors and job-counselors can incorporate into their work with job seekers, learners and apprenticees/trainees to ensure successful sustained WBL outcomes.

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