In-Company Tutors PILOT BLENDED action programme and Self-Directed Learning Guide
Intellectual output 4

IO4 will pilot the IO2 contents through a pilot course delivered in each Country through 3 integrated stages, involving 10 in-company tutors (learners) of SME. Following the key findings of Testing/Piloting of the Curriculum Programme, partners will design and produce a Self-Directed Learning Guide with a set of resources and learning tools, which will be made available to existing and aspiring in-company tutors and those in roles requiring the WBL programme development. This Guide is aimed at providing opportunities for self-assessment and professional development for the in-company tutors, providing them with the resources to assess their own skills and competencies, along with materials to enable them to develop additional skills and aptitudes and to enable them to track and assess their current skills against the Occupational Competency Standards and associated NQF/EQF Standards.

Expected date of issue: January 2020