Curriculum Programme development for the in-company tutors (SMEs)

The WBL GUARANTEE (IO2) MOOC will improve the quality of work-based learning by providing in-company tutors with new skills and abilities, useful for implementing high-quality training courses, supporting users in achieving the expected learning outcomes and enhancing their contribution.

The course provides information and practical tools that will allow you to:

– Develop new pedagogical skills, to ensure a more fruitful relationship between tutor and user, based on the use of mentoring techniques and on an increase in the ability to enhance training skills and competences.

– Strengthen the identification of learning objectives during the WBL training path, defined on the basis of indicators and purposes useful for the recognition and validation of non-formal skills acquired on-the-job

– Support the creation of a more solid relationship with the tutor in the training body, in charge of planning and monitoring the learning acquired by the WBL user.

The WBL Guarantee MOOC can be followed in just three hours and will consist of a series of lessons relating to the following topics:

  • The role of the mentor within the company and its relationship with the mentee
  • Responsibilities of the company tutor
  • The toolbox of the company tutor
  • How to plan, manage and evaluate a training course

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