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WBL Guarantee (2017-1-IT01-KA202 – 006161) was a three-years project funded by the INAPP National Agency through Erasmus + KA2 funds. WBL Guarantee is a project coordinated by Regione Lazio, that has developed the professional and training standard of the profile of the in-company tutor and the tutor of sending organizations, with the goal of strengthening […]

The success of the piloting activities

The success of the piloting activities, attested by the interest shown at international level and by the positive responses collected from all the groups involved, crowns the three years of work of the project partnership, made up of an alliance of public organizations (Lazio Region, Cyprus Productivity Center, Andalucia Emprende), the business world (Cyprus Chamber […]

WBL Guarantee International Training Week

On the days between November 25 and 29, the University for Applied Labour Studies HdBA hosted the WBL Guarantee International Training Week, a Joint Staff Training Event aimed at connecting job counsellors and operators of formative institutions from Spain, Italy and Cyprus, with the objective of diffusing the culture of CVET. 18 participants (6 from […]

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